Welcome to the Fab Lab!

Fab Lab is the short term for Fabrication Laboratory.

As the name implies, this is a place where you can design and build stuff!


*Note:Enabling the lazor cutter


1: To turn on the laser, press switch on bottom left side corner.

2:  To turn on the Purex filter,  press the green button on the front

3: To make sure the fan is turned up all the way turn the  knob next to the green button  all the way left,  then turn it all the way to the right

4: To run the print spooler  click "Applications->Accessories->Terminal"     

5: In the terminal type "python spooler.py" and then press enter ( Dont type the quotes but make sure there is a space between python and spooler)

6: Minamize the terminal but make sure it stays open so you can be able to print



Summer Lesson Plans and Activity Sheets

(These are taught as part of the summer camps 2009)


OLD Spring Youth Teacher Lessons

(These were taught in Spring 2009 and NOT what is taught in the summer) 


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