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Uses for a...

This is the classic brainstorming exercise where the class is presented with an object - such as a brick or a plastic cup - and the group is challenged to write down as many uses as they can think of for the object.


Communicating Challenge

Try the "Line up game" this way....

Give everyone a number. They have to arrange themselves in numerical

order communicating with each other without speaking or holding up

fingers. They make up their own sub-language or sign-language and it

often is pretty amusing. Round two. Have people arrange themselves

in order of birth or in calendar months.



aka: 'Clump'

Everybody mingles, constantly moving until the leader shouts out a

number. All players must then try to get into groups of that number,

any group/s that dont succeed are out.


Players find others who have things in common, such as same shoe



Human Bingo

Create a bingo card grid from a sheet of A4 and dividing it into a

grid of fairly large squares (say 3 or 4 cm minimum) using a thick

pen/pencil and a ruler. In some of the squares write a phrase such

as "Has climbed a mountain", "Rides a bike", "Has run a marathon",

"Works for a charity", Etc. Things that it would be interesting to

know about someone. The number of squares you fill in is up to you

but the more you create the more time it'll take to complete. Blank

out all remaining squares by colouring them in and then photocopy

enough copies so that everybody who'll be there can have one.

At the start of the session/meeting give each person a copy and tell

them to find one person who has done each thing. I.e. ask the other

players whether they have climbed a mountain or whatever. If the

player being asked has done that activity they sign their name to

that box. Players can only each time they meet a person one question

before moving on (but they can meet the person again later and ask

another question.).

Keep going until someone has all of the boxes filled in.

[Kit: - If you have time or the opportunity it might be interesting

to ask participants before turning up to the meeting to something

about themselves and use that information.]


Line Up Game

Get in groups of five to ten people each. First group that gets

itself into order according to the category you name, wins. For

example first letter of middle name, shoe size, height, birth date,

etc. Just be sure to pick subjects that people can line up easily.


M&M Game

Pass around a bag of M&M's and have each person take as many as they

want. For each colour of the M&M's have a question that they have to

answer. For instance, red can be, "Describe your first crush."

You can play this with Skittles or other coloured candies.


Silly crumple

One person is selected as the leader (who remains out of the game)

all players then get into a circle and each gets given a piece of

paper to write a silly thing to do on with out letting others see

what they have written (e.g. Bark like a dog or sing a song). Each

player then crumples their paper up so that the contents cannot be

seen. On the leaders command players then start to pass the pieces

of paper around the circle waiting for the command to stop. When

this happens two people are chosen to carry out the instructions on

the pieces of paper they have, without laughing. Those who laugh are

out. Repeat until only two people left.


Shoe Pile

A good way to have new people meet everybody. Everyone takes off one

of their shoes and throw it into a big pile. Then each person picks

up a different shoe from the pile and finds the person it belongs

to. Works well for large groups.


2 Truths And A Lie

Have each person write 2 truths and a lie about themselves. They

then pass the paper to the group and have the others guess which is

the lie.


Who am I?


Prepare a card for each of your guests and write on it the name of a

famous man or woman. On arrival, pin a card on the back of each

guest who must then ask questions of each other in order to find out

their identity. When they succeed, the card is pinned on the front

of them.

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