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Group Members:

Kyndra -Fab Lab

Latifah - Fab Lab

Dennis - GIMP

Jahlil - Scratch/Hyperscore

Tien- Scratch

Problem to tackle:Abusive Parents

Project Summary: The idea of our project, we are going to tackle how we can change abusive parents and what is the cause of the parents being so abusive to their children and what sets them off to act that way.Our group is going to try and use as many of the module that we can as possible to make our project work as possible as we can.


What is each module going to tackle:



Going to be used to make posters to show how many parents abuse their kids.



The first-person game which puts you in the place of the abused and it shows various facts about different kinds of effects made by the abuser.

Abused Trailer

Scratch Project





Going to be used to make a house that we can show how and where abuse usually takes place. It is used as a controller for the game.




Using solar energy or electrolysis to power up the house.




Making sounds and music for our game.



My groups project is to make a game.The game will show try to aware kids on parent abuse and how they could avoid it, if possible.The project that we are trying to get done is to make a scratch presentation. Next we are tring to get a chair to vibrate, by putting a motor under a cahir that some one could sit on and every time that some one has a fact about abusive parent the chair would vibrate and then another program will say a fact about abusive parents and what they should do.The goal of our project is to aware kids about that and give tyhem solutions to solve that problem

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