Learn to Teach , Teach to Learn / L2TT2L 2008
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L2TT2L 2008

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Welcome to Learn 2 Teach - Teach 2 Learn 2008


Blog - flickr account (t2ll2t/setc97)- Facebook group - YouTube - Scratch - Instructables


* * * Spring 2009 Pay Schedules * * *


Returning Youth Teacher Skills 2009


Lesson Plans 2009


Schedule 2009


New Youth Teacher Groups


New Alternative Energy Kit 2009


New Alternative Energy Lesson 2009


ProjectExposition - August 15, 2008


Daily Teaching Schedules


After School Programs



Summer Project Groups


005 - Security System with Automatic Camera

187 - Know Your Rights with the Police

LBG - Preventing Teen Pregnancy

Temill - Challenging Stereotypes

Dodge - Accident Avoidance Systems for Cars

Identity - Abusive Parents

The Elites - Master Fire Alarm System for a House




Youth Teachers


Staff and Mentors

London Teaching Notes Summer 2008


Organizational Roles


Teaching Modules

Fab Lab

PICO Programming

Alternative Energy

Gimp Artwork

Scratch Programming

Hyper Score - YouTube Video


Terms to Know

Fab Lab

PICO Programming

Alternative Energy

Gimp Artwork

Scratch Programming


Communicating Ideas - YouTubeVideo



South End Technology Center


Media Lab

Community Centers


Structure Of 2008 Program



Project Ideas

Sample Problem Statement

P.E.R.T. Project Management

Pwn Yr Phone


If you are wondering how to set up a project:


What to do first?

Do I write stuff down?

How to develop an idea

Organizing a team

create a chart to;

assign team members responsibilities

Document the project's development

and more. Read the notes on Project Management

There are tips that might help.


Project Management


Wish List

Wish List

SETC Wish List

car shipping



Lesson Plans

All lessons need to be adaptable from 1 to 2 hours.

Maximum number of sessions needed for each module:

  • Pico - 3
  • Gimp - 3
  • Scratch - 3
  • Alternative Energy - 1
  • Fablab - 1
  • Hyperscore - 1


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