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August 11 2008


Understanding where you are at


Last Thursday, August 7 2008, I learned that some of the male youth teachers forget to separate the streets from the work environment. You can't do or say things that you saw in a video or heard in a song. We must be careful when dealing with others, in our fast changing world communicating is a complex subject. People are changing with the times, its a violent culture at this time. The inner city is full of misunderstandings, things can be taken the wrong way and critical thinking is nowhere in the equation, just raw emotional response. Young women are not to be played with. Many stories in history reflect this sentiment; Helen of Troy the face that launched a thousand ships. because of her; men fought and died in a huge conflict, that lasted for many years. If you are on site, in a neighborhood with a reputation for being tough(film at eleven) then it makes sense not to insult any of the residents. There is honor in being respectful and doing what you were hired to do. Play on your on time and be careful even then. We learn our social skills from our parents and peers most of the times our skills are positive and our associations with others is productive.

but it is easy to pick up bad habits, my view is do unto others, as you wish to be respected. This has been a useful social skill for me. Remember don't mix work with play.










August 4 2008



In house doing chores, I worked with Donald, Darnell and Alex on their cop tube project web site. August 14 is fast approaching, I noticed the change in the youth teachers, they were maturing. the training, researching and practicing the new skills. The circle-up; there are 37 youth teachers in this group sitting in a circle. Facing each other, everbody, each taking a turn at talking, while others listened. Engaging in conversations relevent to the learning process, the on site experience; teaching the younger children, was taking affect . Projects will be due soon. Who planned and who played?

team members need to talk to each other, the group should divide duty and responsiblity




July 31 2008



Staff meeting



July 30 2008



In the House all day

monitored the Circle Up



July 29 2008




In the House in the morning

monitor the activities


I notice that preparation is not high on some of the youth teachers list of starting and completing projects

Its a well worn cliche; plan ahead. If you are building a house you start with a blueprint, if you are writing a book report or something important. You use drafts with artwork, you use roughs. Remember the pencil and paper were the first computers, They are still a very reliable tool. I read that if you can make it work on paper, you can build it. design is very important, function and purpose plus presentation.


You can start a project by asking yourself questions, like what will this be use for, who will use it, why it is needed.

This is a very small example of how you can start your planning process.




The Tobin Community Center

Due to a scheduling conflict there was no

assignment at this location






July 28 2008






The Basic Plan;

First and foremost be prepared! have a lesson plan and a back-up plan, for those unexpected events. Make sure all the equipment is working and the materials needed are in order. Next consult with team members on a plan of action. Who will do what, who will handle this or that. Finally in the class room environment, introduce ourselves to the staff, learning from them what we need to know about the Kids. First, assess the equipment that you will be using. Use the time when we first arrive to give the equipment a double check, each computers working status. check if the necessary programs are installed. Next, learn who are your immediate peers, the director or equivalent and notice the children. Engage yourself in conversations with the staff. In general build a working relationship. Last, before the lessons begin talk to the class. let the children know your names, have the class introduce themselves, talk about what are their interests. Explain, what they were going to assemble, the things they will learn as they complete the current task, and to speak a clear competent manner in our approach. Use terms this class's age group can understand. showing and explaining, then let the children practice what you explained and what was shown to them



Bromley-Heath Center

Jamaica Plain


9:00 a.m. to 12 noon


Youth Teachers,

Susanna, Jesse and Latifa traveled to Jamaica Plain the first day of the learn2teach sessions.

Our assignment was to introduce 10-13 year olds to the finer points of Pico Blocks; a robotic

programming software. at the last moments 6-8 years old were substituted. Twenty-six in all,

we had 7 kits, to share between them. After a small delay, equipment malfunctions. we worked out our game plan.

Explaining what Pico was and what could be done with the software and blocks(lego like plastic

blocks). Susanna and Latifa gave a demo involving assembling a car.


Using clear and simple terms, as they pulled a car apart, then reassembled it. This caught the tykes

attention. Jesse asked them questions about, what was tne names of the various parts.The little guys

and girls were listening.they answered well We divided the groups and let one child put a car together,

then help the next child to put their car Car Transport together and so on. they put those kits together and had cars

running and surprising, they helped each other. as little kids go there were some distractions but the

hands on part of the session kept them focused. the staff was very supportive and had great command guiding

the children. Jesse shocked me by showing leadership with the assembling the cars, the little tykes loved him.

Susanna and Latifa professional and adapted as changes popped up.


Everyone played their roles and contributed, all that practice at SETC paid off. The first day at Bromley Heath

was a success, judging by how the little ones asked; when were we coming back.






MAPS The Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers

Uphams Corner


1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Youth Teachers, Francisco,and Jovanie, took the trip to Uphams Corner for their first day of the learn2teach sessions. Our assignment was to introduce 10-13 year olds to the Scratch animation programming software. The center was small We had a language barrier, 6 kids, one was used as an interpreter. At first they were reluctant to participate, Francisco ask what did they like to do and soccer was common to all; it seems that, they were all on the same team. After a lecture and a demonstration of Scratch basics. One at a time they assembled the programming blocks to create some basic motions. they appeared to get a handle on the concept of programming in Scratch


We had 2 computers in one room and 4 in another room, without supervisors, we lost their attention. We used the Internet and youtube.com which showed tutorials on Scratch animation to keep a hold on them. The next session will be better planned,

we finally got our feet wet, now we will be ready. prepare teaching plan, preparation is a good way to handle the unexpected.


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