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Musical Instruments

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Scratch Activity Plan: Musical Instruments

Design and build your own musical instrument using household utensils and Scratch!


1: Stuff you need BEFORE the lesson:

1 computer per student.

1 pair of HEADPHONES or Speakers per student

Make sure every computer in the Scratch Area has Scratch and can use the Scratch board.

Make sure there is enough paper plates and or chopsticks for everyone to finish an instrument.

Have a method of showing difference between input and output: Projector / Computer.


2: Opening Concepts:

Explain difference between Input and Output resistors

Explain what we will be doing today: Making a Musical Instrument Using Scratchboard

Explain Scratchboard and show Scratch example.

Explain Scratchboard. Show how to make a script using the Scratch Board.

Ask the kids what they know about the Scratchboard.


3: Focus of the Lesson:

The focus of this lesson is building a musical instrument using the Scratchboard.




4: Teaching:

1: Have everyone design an instrument that will be connected to copper and resistors.

2: As people successfully design their instruments, show them the video on how to connect resistors and ask how it relates to their projects.

3: Have people who are finished with their instrument go on and make their sprite interact with the scratchboard and musical instrument.

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5: Wrap up:

1: Make sure everyone has cleaned up their area. Programs saved and closed, scrap materials thrown away.

2: Circle up: Ask various people questions: What is the ScratchBoard? What do people use it for? What is the difference between ScratchBoard and Broadcast? What do you do to tell the difference between the input and output resistors?


If everyone finishes early, have additional discussion – get feedback. What can be improved?

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