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Computer Programming with Scratch

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  What is Computer Programming?


Writing computer programs means writing instructions, that will make the computer follow and run a program based on those instructions.


The process includes designing, writing, testing, debugging/troubleshooting  , and maintaining code.  This code is written in a programming language.


What is Scratch?

  A teaching tool developed by the MIT Media Lab LifeLong Kindergarten Group that allows people to learn the basics of computer programming using pictures as building blocks rather than needing to know the actual code -- a graphical interface


Here is a really nice tutorial on getting started with Scratch:




Lesson Plans & Activity Sheets 



Beginning Level Scratch Lesson that develops skills needed for Pong

Bouncy Bounce

Bouncy Bounce Beginning Scratch Lesson Plan.doc

Bouncy Bounce Beginning Scratch Lesson Plan.pdf

Bouncy Bounce Acitivity Brochure.doc

Bouncy Bounce Acitivity Ideas Brochure.pdf

Go Go Graph.xlsx



Donna's example 

Scratch Project  


example from youth age 11, she didn't quite get to finish it before her dad picked her up

Scratch Project 

Video with a nice teaching idea for beginning Scratch:



Medium Level Scratch Lesson that develops skills needed for Pong

"Question and Answer"


QuestionandAnswermediumlevelscratchlesson (1).doc

QuestionandAnswermediumlevelscratchlesson (1).pdf


Question and Answer Acitivity Ideas Brochure.doc

Question and Answer Acitivity Ideas Brochure.pdf


Pong Reward Stickers for Avery Label 5162 in Microsoft Publisher

I made a pong game.pub



Scratch Project

Scratch Board Beginner Lesson

(using a scratch board to animate a sprite)


Lesson Plan

Scratch Board Beginner Lesson Plan.doc

Actvity Ideas Brochure

Animate my Sprite with a Scratch Board Activity Idea Brochure.doc




Scratch Advanced Level Activity:  Pong Game

Activity Sheet:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/102102533/Pong-Game-in-15-Minutes

Activity Plan:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/102102767

Pong Teaching Demo:  http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/Learn2Teach2012/2596969

     (allows children to change ball, paddle, danger zone and background with lots of options)

Pong Game Video Introduction: 


(from History.com)



Scratch Warm Ups

Computer Programming Stickers

ComputerProgrammingSticker (1).pdf



Scratch Board Stickers

I learned how to use a Scratch Board.doc



Activity 1:  Intro to Computer Programming & Scratch: 

"My Animated Name"

Activity Plan for teachers:Animated Name Teachers Plan.doc  Animated Name Teachers Plan.pdf  


Activity Sheet used by youth: MyAnimatedName[1].ppt  MyAnimatedName[1].pdf


"My Animated Initial" Activity Plan : scratch intro animated initials teaching sheet.docx

                                                  animated names.pdf


Activity 2:  Programming a Highly Interactive Game:

"Good Bop! Bad Bop!"

Activity goals for teachers: http://www.slideshare.net/jonathan75/kevfiyh-asdiyhvbfbgilusdzhbvujhbsd-km 

Activity Plan for teachers: 

Activity Sheet used by youth:  AmonGoodBopBadBopActivitySheet.pdf

Cheat Sheet used by Youth:

Activity 3: "Brick Breaker" [Best taught to 11-12 year olds]

2 different versions of sheets ( I will work on combining them....Donna)

Activity Plan/ Cheat Sheet for teachers:BrickBreakerTeacherCheatsheet.pdf  

Activity Sheet for youth: Brick Breaker Activity Sheet.pdf

Brick Breaker write ups from Saturday sessions brick breaker activity sheet.doc Brick Breaker Objectives.doc  









  • Old versions of Activity Plans and Activity Sheets:

Old Activity Plan




saturday lessons:

scrollin 101 

brick breaker

Activity Sheet-Scratch Sensor

Activity Sheet-Scratch Sensor Part II





New Lesson Ideas



Things they need to Know 

  • Broadcast
    • Using Broadcast to hold a perfectly flowing conversation between two Sprites

    • Using Broadcast to signal the end of one action in order to start another action

    • Using Broadcast to control the switching of backgrounds

  • ScratchBoard(SB)
    • Knowledge of how the Resistive sensors work and how they can be used to sense various things such as the opening of a door or stepping on a rug with special sensors.
    • Knowledge of the different sensors on the SB (light,sound,button and slider)


What they need to be able to teach in 5 minutes 

  • Use Broadcast to have one sprite inform another sprite when it is done talking and have the second sprite continue the conversation with the Broadcast script as well using it to let the "Stage" know that its time to change the background.

  • Use the sensor scripts to have one sprite say something when the light sensor value changes.




Scratch Evaluation Page


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