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Seaver St

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Jovie and Chavella

Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:30-5:00

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Franklin Park Development Tenant Association:

162 Seaver St Dorchester (Tech Lab - This is where the classes are held)

246 Humbolt Ave Dorchester (Main office)


Tuesday: January 20



     - Assessment (See what the children know and how much they remember)

     - Sensors (What they do, How to use them)

     - Programming (How to program the object to move)


Thursday: January 22


     - Making movable objects (http://www.picocricket.com/motion.html)

     - Use sensors to make object move



Tuesday: January 27





     -Get Pictures Off The Internet


Thursday: January 29


     -Obama Project

     -Changing background


Class went well with the GIMP project. The kids Loved Obama and playing around with him and his family.

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Tuesday: February 3


     - Basic Control Scripts (How to move, etc)

     - Sprites, Backgrounds (What they are, How to change them)

     - Maze and/or Race


Thursday: February 5


     - Make a mini-project importing characters off the internet

     - Teach them how to make a video game



Tuesday: February 10

Alternative Energy 

     - Global Warming (What it is, Greenhouse Effect, etc)


The kids didn't really like Global Warming too much, there wasn't anything that really caught their interest


Thursday: February 12

Alternative Energy 

     - Teach kids about Alternative Energy (How to stop Global Warming, and other methods of energy)

     - Fuel Cell cars


Tuesday: February 24


     - Kids will put their face on a superhero's body, or something/one of their choice's

Thursday: February 26


     - Review and refresh kids minds on Scratch

     - Work on backgrounds, sprites, moving, etc


Tuesday: March 3


     - Work on Broadcasting

     - Make a game using broadcasting


Kids didnt't like broadcasting at first, but after they got used to it they began to have fun and further their games.


Thursday: March 5


     - Teach kids the different sensors on the scratchboard

     - Teach kids to intergrate the scratch board with their games ie. using the light sensor to determine how fast their sprite moves


Thursday:March 7


 -make an imitation of the honda comercial

 -make them design there own characters and background

 -teach them on how to make the characters interact with the background using brodcast and controls


Tuesday:March 10


 -allowing them to finish on last weeks project

 -creating detailistic pictures to convert to scratch


Thursday:March 12


 -teaching them to build an object wich will allow them to pick stuff up

 -using the pico program and lego's

 -letting them be creative







Former Team of Jovie And Nora

Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-5:30


Franklin Park Development Tenant Association:

162 Seaver St Dorchester (Tech Lab - This is where the classes are held)

246 Humbolt Ave Dorchester (Main office)


Lessons: Scratch, Hyperscore, Gimp, Pico

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October 7 & October 9th Scratch 1

1. Creating characters, backgrounds

2. Importing from the internet

3. Explaining the scripts


October 14 & October16 Gimp

Showing them instrumentals and creating music


October 21 & October22 Pico

1. Import pictures

2. Threshold


October 28th & October 30th Scratch2

1. Overview of Pico

2. Explain the programing

3. Work with sensors, sound and light


November 4th & November 6th Hyperscore

1.Work on any of the modules/Independent project day

2.Introduction to Hypersocre


November 13th Finishing Hyperscore

1. Recap of Hyperscore

2. Hyperscore project



November 18th & November 20th Pico 2

1. building cars (or other things from Pico website) and programing them

2. Making Tuesday's work better or create new things.


Thanks Giving Week Pico

1. make a catapult


December 2nd & December 5th Scratch Board

1. Scratch Board

Different Sensors


Original Video - More videos at TinyPic


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