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The Losers' Project

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Urgent Solar Powered Charging Fighter (USPCF)



Brief Summary

          Promoting global warming awareness while at the same time allows people to solar charge their gadgets on the benches in front of the Tech center.


  • It is hard to charge their phones, or other gadgets, once it runs out of battery outside with no avaliable output
  • Besides Obama's movements for alternative energy, we are also increasing global awareness in our community



  • To increase global warming awareness by using an alternative power source
  • An accessible spot to charge phones and gadgets out in the street by USB



  • Global Warming Awareness
  • Using solar energy to charge gadgets while resting
  • Emergency charging for sudden dead batteries 







  • Alternative Energy

             The knowledge of global warming, volt meters, and solar panels.

  • Fab Lab

              The creation of the tangible sun model.

  • GIMP

              Designed the Sun model and made a brief info card prior to the project ; poster

Update History


  • - Added capicator to the circuit 
  • - Made sun model with Fab Lab
  • Current Problem: Determining a switch maker for charging the gadget and charging the capicator
  • Temporary solution: Cast a shadow to trigger the switch
  • - Current Problem: Wires keeps disconnecting
  • Solution: Get longer wires


  • - Re-wired the solar panels; made wires longer
  • - Re-sized images
  • - Added new images
  • - Took new pictures
  • - Used an overhead projector to determine the actual size of the sun


  • Further designing     
    • Creating a clamp - clampable for benches, fences, stair rails
    • Making it weather proof  


  • Made a lego representation of our project for mock presentation day
  • Wrote our presentatio info on the white board
  • Discussed with the staff on purchasing wood and plexiglass for our actual 


  • Took the solder ironing clamp for a smaller scale model of the project perhaps?
  • Added new reference link


  • Bought ipod cigar receptacle car charger


  • Cut out sun with shopbot
  • Sanding the sun


  • Painted the sun
  • Glued solar panels on
  • Wired the wires together


  • Last minute re-soldering
  • Screwed on clamps
  • Clamped on the fence outside
  • Tested more products







Sun with attaching solar panels on the front with optinal windmill.


Materials for Solar Powered Parts


 volt regulator




4 solar panels


female USB port

tape measure

overhead projector



Info on USB rechargeable gadgets 

Ipod Nano 1st Gen

5V     450mAh     .45A

(image here)

Notes: It charges but it is not stable.


Ipod Touch 2nd Gen

5V     750mAh     .75A



Ipod Shuffle 2nd gen

3.7V   100mAh     .1A




Sony Ericcson S500i

3.6V   930mAh     .93A



Motorola RIZR Z3

3.7V   700mAh     .7A



IT CHARGES!!!!!!!!!


Not Working

  • Ipod Touch
  • Iphone
  • Sprint HTC touch
  • Blackeberry Pro
  • Ipod shuffle




  • Make a microcontroller to station the USB port
  • Design and create global warming awareness board incoporating solar panels
  • Cut the sun (design) by using the shopbot and making a detachable piece to it

Problems Encountered

  • Four solar panels are not emitting enough amperage to charge a gadget at least over than 450mAh
  • In need of a capacitor as it is vital to the project
  • Figuring out how to make the solar powered charger to be detachable for any staionary unit (bench, fence, tree, etc)
  • Creating a clamp for the attachable aspect of the design
  • determining what materials to support the weight of the design

Needed Materials



USPCF 2.0  



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