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Activity Plans

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Name of the activity

Short description of the activity


1: Preparation / Stuff you need checklist / GET THESE THINGS:

  • Such as GIMP - Camera, camera batteries, camera cables, cameras charged etc.
  • Check to see if programs are installed and run, up to date, such as GIMP, Scratch, PICO
  • Check needed equipment such as PICO Kits have Crickets and batteries
  • Check Fab Lab - ex. such as enough cardboard and check laser cutter, vinyl cutter working
  • Alt. E / Fab Lab - ex. Safety stuff
  • 1 computer per student


2: Opening Concepts:

  • Introduction to Learn 2 Teach and People (add)


Beginnings / Introductions


Introductions to Learn 2 Teach:

Here to change the world community by community...

Improving our community using science and technology

Learn to make the games you like to play

We're going to come (days of the week) for how long

We're going to be making (insert activity here) using (technology here)


Make the games that you want to play and become a genius/inventor

Today we're going to do (whatever) and (pass out activity sheets)


Introductions to People

Name, age, school, favorite module, something cool you made

Introduce themselves: say the same thing


  • Objectives / Focus of the Lesson


    • Goals of the lesson
    • What we will be making today
    • What we are supposed to do 
    • What's happening for the day
    • Examples
  • 2-3 core ideas 
    • You can generate electricity without plugging into the wall, LEGO Generators
    • Reasons why we do this
    • GIMP Lesson - main ideas when you do this design stuff that you use layers,
    • What is programming?
    • Fab Lab - merge and subtract shapes 



3: Teaching:

  • Step by Step how to teach this lesson, details, LOTS OF DETAILS 


  • Points where you want to tie into your core concepts ex. Generating electricity without plugging it into the wall, using LEGO Hand Cranks etc.



4: Problems you might face and to overcome them


5: What to do when they finish early? (EXTENSIONS)

  • Have a person that is finished immediately help someone else
  • Make something else. ex. Fab Lab, after finished making tag, make key chains
  • What do you do about a young person who just wants to do the minimum?
    • Do a separate, different activity. Don't make the second activity optional but mandatory so that they finish
    • Give them a challenge ex. GIMP - done decorating name? iSneaker



6: Clean up:

  • Make sure everyone has cleaned up their area.
  • Programs saved and closed, Fab Lab - scrap cardboard thrown away


  • ex. PICO Sets are put away, make sure boxes are closed, no Crickets are on the floor, wires not askew etc. 


7: Circle Up


     Creative questions about the activity




How did you feel about having fun?

How did you feel about today?

What was fun about today / what are your thoughts about today?

What can you make now on your own?

What would you want to make on your own?

What can you teach someone else?


Go over two ideas for each activity that you want to teach

     Show & Tell

           Why they chose to make it?


Why is it unique?

Why is yours different?

What can you add to it?

How did you make it?

Can you do this without our help?

Can you teach other people?

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