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Physical Programming Activity Page

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What is Physical Programming?

Physical programming uses a computer program to make a device outside the computer move or do something



What is PICO and PICO Cricket?

The PicoCricket is a tiny computer that can control things in the world. The PicoCricket has four ports where you can plug in other devices, such as sensors, motors, and lights. You can
plug any of these devices into any of the ports.



2011 Physical Programming Activities

Pico Warm Up/Memory Game


Stickers for Intro Lesson using avery label 5160 or 8160 

not formatting well to pdf

I made a windmill final.doc


Stickers for Kinetic Sculpture, using avery label 5160 or 8160

not formatting well in pdf

 I made a kinetic sculpture final.doc  


Stickers for Golf Course using avery label 5160 or 8160

I made a Golf Course final.doc


Stickers for Alarm Clock using avery label 5162 with Microsoft Publisher

I made an alarm clock.pub



Activity 1:  Teeshing ins and Outs! 

This is an introductory lesson on inputs, outputs and script flow. 

It has four 20 minute activities that allow youth to use all of the sensors and actuators.

For the teachers     Pico_intro_Lesson_plans[1]...doc 


                              avtivity 1 flow charts.pptx

                              Activity 1 flowcharts with labels

For student

Overall teeshing ins and out activity sheet

     windmill                         windmill activity sheet.doc windmill activity sheet.pdf           

     reaction game               word version coming monday reaction game activity sheet.pdf

     red light green light red light green light activity sheet.doc 

                                          red light green light activity sheet.pdf

     alarm clock                    Alarm Clock activity sheet.doc Alarm Clock activity sheet.pdf

Intro summary: Activity 1 summary.doc (97-2003)      Activity 1 summary.docx (2010)

Other resources:

PICO Cheat Sheet introduces input/output & all sensors & actuators

Alarm Clock Activity Sheet uses the light sensor and soundbox

Alarm Clock Activity Plan for Teachers

Reaction Game Activity Sheet uses touch sensor, displayboard & lights

Red Light, Green Light Activity Sheet use sound sensor & colored lights

Red Light Green Light Activity Plan

Windmill Activity Sheet uses resistance sensor & motor/motorboardw


Activity 2: "Minature Golf" (For Older Students)

Miniature Golf



Stickers for Miniature Golf (Avery Label #5160 or #8160)

I made a Golf Course final.doc



Activity 2: Kinetic Sculpture (For Younger Students)

Move and Groove Machine Activity Sheet:   Move and Groove Machine Activity Sheet

Move and Groove Machine Activity Plan:   Move and Groove Machine Activity Plan

Old version was called "Kinetic Sculptures":  Pico: Kinetic Sculptures

Ashley's version to Kinetic Sculpture Activity Plan: ashley's version of kinetic.docx


Pictures of Kinetic Sculpture combined with imaginative story telling (Taylor's idea) Kinetic Sculpture and Storytelling


Activity 3: "Which Wiggles?!!"

This is a physical programming lesson where the challenge is to make a highly interactive game using PICO Crickets

Activity goals for teachers  AmonWiggleUpActivityDescription.pdf

Activity Plan for teachers WhichWiggleActivityPlan.docx

Activity Sheet for youth  WhichWiggleActivitySheet.pdf

Cheat Sheet for Which Wiggle Set Up  WhatUNeedWhichWiggle.pdf

Pico Script whichwigglepicoscript.pb

*2011 WhichWiggle Activity Cheat Sheet* hjnidjnisdbujhasdfbuhasdfjhbsdf.xcf

*2011 Kinetic Sculptures (Updated) Pico: Kinetic Sculptures






How are bioluminesence and physical programming alike?  A short circle up talk and video shown by Susan:


Link to Ted Talk by Edith Widder,"The weird and wonderful world of bioluminescence":





Activity 4:  Where's my light, Dude?!



Activity 5:  The Great PICO Challenge










2010 Physical Programming Activities


Physical Programming:  Move and Groove Machine

Move and Groove Machine Activity Sheet:   Move and Groove Machine Activity Sheet

Move and Groove Machine Activity Plan:   Move and Groove Machine Activity Plan

Old version was called "Kinetic Sculptures":  Pico: Kinetic Sculptures


Physical Programming:  Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf

Physical Programming:  Parade Float Activity

Parade Floats Activity Plan  PicoParadeFloatsPlan.doc

Parade Float Activity Sheet  II  picoparadesheet.doc



ROSI HUB PICO Lesson Plans

          Rosi HUB Pico Lesson Plans


Some useful things for understanding and working

with PICO kits


General PICO Kit Inventory List


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