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Fashion Tech

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Safwa Ali, Julia Alexis, Santos Gutierrez, Olivia Murphy, Davonna Dinkins







People have trouble choosing what to wear.

To show people that you don't just use technology for programming robots and things but you can also use it for fashion. 



Project Description

We will create a dress from scratch that will transform from a straight dress into a puffy dress.  The dress will change style when a button is pressed so the wearer has a choice in what she wears,  also the dress will be outlined in El Wire which will light up when a sound sensor senses sound.  LEDs will outline the collar. 



By working on this Fashion Technology project, we are showing people that technology isn't just for programming robots and other things, but it can also be used to show different unique technical fashion. People who like fashion and technology are able to combine both in their lives. 



In the 1940s not as many people were becoming professionals in the fields of fashion and apparel.  Two men in these industries, Mortimer C. Ritter and Max Meyer decided to do something in order for their businesses to survive.  In order to solve this problem they opened the Educational Foundation for the Apparel Industries, which led to the establishment of a "fashion institute of technology and design".  The institute is located in New York City and flourishes to this day.

Links on similar projects

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rX9FOGFxN9A = Cute Circuit Galax Dress This dress has 2400 LEDs that are flat.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwrel&v=UeTlJqmx4zU&NR=1 = Sound Illumiinating Dress This dress lights up to the beat of the song


Pros and Cons


-different styles 

-cool effects


-arduino board shocks (how safe is it?)

-could be expensive



- Sew a dress for the project

- Buy the dress materials and pattern

- Buy LED lights and El wire

- Program sound sensors

- Program lights reactions to sound



-4 Arduino servo motors

-Lilypad kit

-Light Dependent Resistor

-LED lights

-fabric for bow

-stretchy fabric for dress

-dress pattern

-conductive thread

-regular thread



-Dress Patterns (or skirt and top patterns)



-Fablab (Creating gears or the movemnt of the dress and any other necessary use)

-Gimp (Working on pictures and a design for the dress; also used for making the logo)

-Modkit (Programming the lights on the dress and the movement of the dress)

-Sewing (sewing the prototype and final dress)



-Can we use sound sensors with the modkit shield?

-Can we use el wire with the modkit shield?

-Can we use light sensors with modkit?






Day 1

(July 9th, 2012)


Project Ideas:

1. Hat that can charge phone, light up, play music, and/or advertise via LED screen

2. Jersey that keeps score of how many scores you make 


Project Description:If we finish the hat we will also make the jersey. The hat will play music through hidden speakers and bluetooth capability to play the music from your phone to the speakers in the hat. A fabduino board will be needed to make the bluetooth. The hat will also advertise Words/ sentences on an LED screen. 


Materials needed for the hat: -2 hats one for prototype and one for final project (design or no design? If there is not a design on the hat then we will design it ourselves.)

   -Fabduino board

  -excel speakers 

 - Led Screen 

Materials needed for the Jersey:

  -Fabduino board

 -lots of LEDs for the score board




Day 2

(July 10th, 2012) 


Updated project Ideas:

1. Hat that advertises using an LED screen and plays music through a bluetooth speakers

2. The dress that lights up based on the beat of the music being played aroundit


Project Idea: Hat


LED screen (we will make on our own) 

using a bunch of LED lights and an arduino board

conductive thread

(ask susan where to buy LED lights and conductive thread and a blank hat Snap back )


Link for buying a hat


Updated Project Idea

Create a dress from scratch that will transform from a straight dress into a poofy dress.  The dress will change style when a button is pressed so the wearer has a choice in what they wear.  The dress will be outlined in El Wire which will light up when a sound sensor senses sound.  LEDs will outline the collar.



    -Lilypad kit

     -LED lights

     -fabric for bow

     -stretchy fabric for dress

     -dress pattern

     -conductive thread

     -regular thread



    -Dress Patterns (or skirt and top patterns)


   Technologies used





    To Do List

     -Go to a fabric store

     -sewing lessons

     -Java and Arduino lessons



Links to how to do stuff

Materials that glow under black/ultraviolet light:


Video on a way to work el wires using a board and batteries 


Site to buy LED light bulbs


Sites to buy El Wires:


SIte to buy Drivers that work the El Wires:







Sketches of Design for the Dress






Day 3

(July 11th, 2012)


To Do List

-Learn the programming of the El wire  

-Research how sensors would work on fabric 

-Work on how they would be located

-Research final prices for El wire and LED lights

-Make a prototype of el wire and sensors on fabric

-Learn how to sew


More Materials Needed

-El wire driver


Today we worked on our prototype.  We made a dress and were able to attach el wire to it.  We also programmed the motors needed to make the dress move.  



New Links Used

El wire kit with sound sensor:


Video that has el wire that senses sound (answered our question about sensing the sound- the el wire needs a sound adaptor):


Video of how to sew the lily pad on fabric with conductive thread:







Day 4

(July 12th, 2012)


To Do List

-Learn to sew (Susan will teach us)

-Make the top o the dress

-Work on programming the lily pad with the program for the LED lights

-Complete making the prototype



link of a moving dress:



Video of how to embed LED lights on fabric using an el wire








Things we worked on:

-worked on programming the lilypad

-worked on programming gears






Day 6




-FInish programming the Lilypad (without light sensor)

-get material for dress

-fabricate gears

-make case for board


Layout for Gears:



We designed these gears to use them for the work of making the dress move up and down.  A gear reduction system will allow a motor do more work (or pull more weight in this case) The motor will be initially connected to a small gear.  When this gear spins it will connect to a larger gear which will spin slower than the original gear but with more power.  each gear that is added to this system will be slower but have more power than the one before it.   (Olivia)



Buying the Lilypad light Sensors:


Video on how to make a bow:






Day 7

(July 18th, 2012)





Day 8

(July 19th, 2012)


Day Goals

Have final prototype complete to present (Everyone)

Work on programming lilypad with light sensor (Julia Santos Safwa Davonna)

Work on the movement of the dress (Olivia)







Day 9

(July 23rd, 2012)



Materials to order:

LilyPad light sensor- http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8464

LilyPad sound sensor- http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9868

LilyPad el wire driver board- http://electricstitches.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=63 (MUST)

Blue el wire- http://www.elwirepros.com/el-wire-by-the-foot-32.html (MUST)

Blue LED lightbulbs- http://evilmadscience.com/productsmenu/partsmenu/335 (MUST)

LiPo battery- http://www.sparkfun.com/products/341 (MUST)

LiPo battery charger- http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10217 (MUST)

3V inverter- http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10201 (MUST)


Materials to buy from store: 

White fabric


Dress pattern

Blue Fabric


What we got Done


Worked on Materials list and approvals with college mentors and Susan

Worked on programming the lilyPad to work with the light sensor using Modkit



Example of lilypad working with an el wire:



Day 10 

(July 24th, 2012)


The dress color for the final

Dress Fabric: Light Blue

Bow Fabric: Purple

El wire and LED lights: Purple and White



The dress with the purple bow

The dress with the white and purple el wire and LED wire





Day 11

(July 25th, 2012)


What we got done:

Got materials list approved by college mentors 


August 10, 2012

-programmed el wireand made instructions on how to program it (Olivia)

     programming el wire instructions:how to program el wire-1.docx





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at 2:12 pm on Jul 10, 2012

David solomon said

at 10:54 am on Jul 14, 2012

put links on your wiki page not in a comment. The comment area is for other people who are not in the group to post stuff.

http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?topic=69682.0 (might be useful he is trying to have the wire light up based on the note he plays on a guitar)

http://blog.makezine.com/2010/04/27/programming-el-wire-fashion/ (el wire code is in this blog)

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