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Roslindale Community Center Summer Program

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Roslindale Community Center

6 Cummins Highway

Roslindale, MA 02131


Contact: Ann Marie MacNeill

Directions to Roslindale Community Center

Scheduled Times:

Same Group Ages (9 - 11)

Monday July 30th

1-3pm  Monday the teaching team was korlu,Gerard,and Hassan. we taught them bouncy ball and they really liked it. we uploaded their projects to the scratch website and they love scratch. they cant wait for us to come back and teach next time they said.

Thursday August 2nd

1 - 3pm Thursday we waiting for the kids to come and we found out that they werent going to make it, because they we going on a type of feild trip. Even though it was last minute we stayed there and helped clean up the computer lab a little bit.

Monday August 6th

1-3pm Monday we taught the kids a thing called squshy circuts. Its a game about alternative energy. the kids love it, they were so happy that they could take home their game pieces. They want us to bring it back so they can play again.

Thursday August 9th

1 - 3pm Today we realized that Donna messed up! we had to teach on Wednesday and not on Thursday. so we went there and we waited for the kids. they didn't come so we went back to archdale. Donna then found out in her email it was her because they sent an email saying on Wednesday not in Thursdays. 

Monday August 13th


Tuesday August 14th

1 - 3pm


Link to Roslindale Community Center Summer Program's Scratch Gallery




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