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ROCKS at the Flaherty Pool

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R.O.C.K.S. at the Flaherty Pool

160 Florence Street, Roslindale 02131 
Phone: 617-635-5181 

Contact Rachel Sanchez


Daily from 1 - 2pm


Kinetic Kids in action:

Learning how Kinetic Energy works with legos!

Making a light come on with Kinetic Engergy!


7/30/2012 - by Joshua Y.

Jalen and I left at 12:45 from the Archdale Community Center and we walked through some shortcuts, familiar by Jalen. We carried 2 bags of legos and Pico motors/LED Lights, prepared for ONLY 8 kids. When we showed up, there was a group of kids at a table. We had to find the counselor, which turned out that it wasn't her, so we found the actual camp counselor. She gathered all the kids, which was 8 kids. We did a small introduction, and since there were so little kids, we skipped the circle-up. We got to the activity, splitting them into 2 groups to 2 tables. Jalen handled one, I another. It seems, according to Jalen, that his group was inattentive and bored. My group however, was very interested and was straight to work. Halfway through the lesson, an ice cream truck came and his group went to go buy some, while my group stayed focused on their task. Then somehow the group of 8 became a group of 20, since it was, a DROP-IN type of group. In the end, all the kids had their cars finished and their lights moving. I handed out stickers, and we left.


7/31/2012 - Jalen W.
I had an amazing day at the Flaherty Pool. I carried 2 bags of legos and Pico motors/LED Lights. I showed up the kids were still eating there lunch. I asked Rachel if 12:30 was a good time and she said 1:00 was a perfect time. So we now do the Rocks program from 1 to 2. Take in consideration that at exactly 1:40 PM the ice cream truck comes and all the kids go running to get Ice Cream. I had the kids work alone or try working in groups to accomplish the goal of making an Kinetic Statue. The kids loved the activity and I took pictures of the projects.


8/1/2012 - Joshua Y.

The teaching group was Gerard, Hassan, Jalen and I. We carried the Squishy Circuits materials. When we got there, most of the kids were there. In the end, they all gathered and we split the group into 2. They had fun playing the monopoly-like game, and made their pieces. We gave examples and reasoning(s) as to why this or what that happened. They mostly got the concept, but some were not paying attention. Of course the ice cream truck came, and they did their usual business. We finished the sculptures and had fun.


8/2/2012- Jalen W.

The teaching session went amazing I had the kids work in 3 groups. This way of teaching worked out perfectly. The kids had the most fun messing around with the solar panels. The ice cream truck had came and only about 7 or the 19 kids ran to it the other kids were to into there lesson or didn't have money. Eventually the kids used everything in the box I had the,m work together and connect everything in the group to an huge project. Overall I think the day went great for once with teaching circuit boards.


8/6/2012 - Joshua Y.


The teaching session today was great. All the kids were involved and occupied with the task of building the tower. One method in getting them involved was to make it into a competition by splitting the group of 17 kids up into 2 tables, then competing. Joshua's group made a 10 story high tower of straws and paperclips, while Jalen's around 6. Overall it was fun, and of course there were some issues again like the ice cream truck, but it was fantastic.


8/8/2012 - Gerard P.


the teaching went great today. we taught them catapults and they loved them. Some of then really got involved and did a great job with decorating theirs. Others really got in to the launching. Over all it went great today and the kids looked like they had a good time as well. Even when the ic cream truck came barely anyone went to it, because they were involved in the activity. So today went great!!!!


8/9/2012 - Rafael B.


Today the students were learning how to make an "Alarm Clock" using PICO which is a physical program. We made each students present what they did. One thing I didn't like was that the kids where leaving to go eat ice cream and to play basketball so I told the staff " when I'm teaching they should all be seating down." It was extremely disrespectful but at the end of the day each kid learned something and enjoy programming.


8/14/2012 - Jalen w.


The children today participated fully in the activity. They all had some knowledge of what airplanes do. One of the problems that we encountered during the lesson was that the wind was actually blowing the papers around since we were teaching outside. There weren't that many kids today for a unusual reason but it helped me and Hassan focus on each kid individually. All together the day went great Hassan talked about Aerodynamics and I taught them how to make the planes.


8/15/2012 - Joshua Yu

Teaching at the Flaherty Pool to the kids was very well. We planned everything ahead of time, we had more than enough equipment to supply the kids, even though there were only 6 kids. All the computers were working, the kids had their scripts all correct. However the only thing that went wrong was the lack of interest displayed by the kids. They said it was boring and most of them were uninterested. During circle up, they let us know that it was lackluster in creativity, fun and overall interest in the activity.

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