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Boston Public Computing Center at Gallivan

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Boston Public Computing Center at Gallivan  


Contact: Susan Jones



Boston Public Computing Center at

BCYF Gallivan Community Center
61 Woodruff Way
Mattapan, MA 02126
p. 617-635-5252 f.617-635-5254


Directions to the BCYF Gallivan Community Center


Group C (ages 9 -10)

Monday July 30th

11am - 12:30pm

Monday Aug. 6th

11am - 12:30pm

Monday Aug. 13th

11am - 12:30pm


Group D (ages 11 -12)

Tuesday July 31st

11am - 12:30pm

Tuesday August 7th

11am - 12:30pm

Tuesday August 14th

11am - 12:30pm


Link to Gallivan's Scratch Gallery



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Newsletter_Week of July 21 Gallivan


Download the newsletter here to read it:

Newsletter_Week of July 21 Gallivan.pdf


Teaching Group: Adeola, Rafael, and Fernando 


Day 1*********** 

**** Arrived at site an hour early at 10:00 

 Today we arrived at the teaching site an hour early an set up the computers for the kids before they were

going to come in . 



We introduced ourselves to the kids and did a warm up that allows the kids to tell us there name and what they liked, it could've been either their favorite cartoon character, color, or hobby. Most of the kids leaned towards there hobby and 75% said they liked to play basketball while some said they their favorite color.  



After the introduction since there we're only a number of 8 kids we split the kids up into groups

Adeola: 1 kids

Rafael and Fernanado: 5 kids 

********For the warm up we handed out white boards to the kids and told them to draw a graph. 

Adeola: This experience for me from this activity was that the kids actually loved it and they were able to understand the concept of the y-axis and X-axis more by drawing it out. After drawing the graph out the kids also enjoyed the fact that they could base the graph on there neighborhood, and loved drawing the positions of where they felt their house, neighborhood convenient store would be, infact they actually wanted to spend most of their time on the white board than to go on the computer. 


Rafael and Fernando: The warm up went great for us. The kids were very into it and they enjoyed it and liked drawing the neighborhood around us. They informed us with great details about the community that they live in. We are looking forward to every student to engage student with this fantastic warm up game.  



Rafael /Fernando/Adeola: The students were very engaged to do the bouncy ball activity and were looking forward to create the nice costumes/sprite. One problem we had was that some of the students did not want to draw out their sprites. A few students were having difficulties having an understanding of computer programming but at the end of the day they did a great job and were experts to computer programming. We would like all of Gallivan computer center students to learn computer programming. 



DAY 2 ***


Today we arrived at the Gallivan Community Center at 10:30 to get ready for our teaching section.           


Introduction : 


We introduced our self to the students and told them what we expected " no one should be speaking while we our teaching" For the icebreaker we went around and ask the students "something they like to do and there names."We also ask them if they were familiar with scratch. Most of the the students knew a little bit about scratch.


Warm-up : The students were asked to create a diagram called " Go Go chart" and included their daily routine. Adeola: Today i felt like doe the warm-up went very good and i experiences a better teaching environment.  Fernando: The kids were into their drawings and they got very detailed. Rafael: I think the warm-up went PERFECT because the student took their time to accomplish the chart. But must of them ask for help because they where not to sure how to put that in a graph.




Adeola : Today the kids were very interactive with scratch. They inspired themselves to create a game using to codes from Scratch. A negative aspect about the day was that most of the kids got quickly discouraged whenever they got confuse or did not know what to do next. I felt as doe the help of the youth teacher was need today. I could make this lesson better by offering more help to them.


Fernando :They were attentive and enthusiastic about learning how to use Scratch.  I thought the lesson was long and many kids got bored once they finish. I believed that the kids i taught really understood Scratch after I taught them.


Rafael: The student were amaze of what they accomplish today. I was all over the place making sure each student got a understanding of what they are doing. I ask them how could we make this lesson better and they respond by saying " make it short". I believed that the student were more focus in creating the animation then creating their code. 


**DAY 3***

Introduction : Today at the Gallivan Community Center the kids learned the meaning of physical programming and how to use the right command on PICO. The students were amaze at how cool PICO could be. The Alarm Clock was a success to teach the kids. 


Warm-up : For the warm-up activity we introduced the student "programmer says" which it's similar to Simon says. Adeola was the Programmer and what she had to do was give out commands to the student if she did not say programmer says and the student did a different command they would be eliminated from the game.


Teaching : 

Rafael- I believed the teaching went WONDERFUL just by seeing the reaction of the children made me so proud. I also made the kid teach me  so they could have an experience of how does it feel to teach kids. It was pretty fun and i had a great time with the students.


Fernando- I felt that the kids had a good time learning how to use PICO. I explained every bits of pieces that they were going to use for example : Beamer, Picocricket, Light sensor , and a Sound Box. The reaction they had were awesome.  


Adeola- Today the students that I was teaching were fantastic. They respected each other and they also supported one another when they need it help. I felt like these kids were expert once I showed them how to do it the first time. I made them do the code a few time just for they could have an idea of what PICO really is.


*** DAY 4***

Introduction:   Today the kids got to learn about physical programming through PICO. They got the chance to make an alarm clock.


Warm Up:   For the warm up we played "Programmer Says" which is similar to Simon says.



Rafael: Today the kids were enthusiastic and respectful. I admired the help they gave to one another. I would love to have the Gallivan as a partner next year.

Fernando: Today the kids were reall excited to use PICO and once they got a grasp on how to make the alarm clock they were able to make the script on their own and program it.


Circuit  Board:

Adeola, Rafael, Fernando


  • Introduction: Today we introduced the idea of making a circuit to the kids by preparing a power point that goes by the theme of Energy. The power point contained information on the different types of energy and how they are created.


  • Warm-Up: For the Warm up we had the kids read the information on the slide and asked them questions if they know what energy is.


  • Teaching:  For the teaching we had the kids make the their own board using the circuit pieces. They didn't really enjoy the process because they wanted to do the squishy dough instead.


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